About us

About Us

ObituaryShare.com is an online obituary source built for funeral homes and families to deliver obituary information in a personalized and timely manner to a larger and more appropriate audience compared to traditional print publications.

At ObituaryShare.com, we believe that an obituary is an essential part of remembering a loved one. An obituary communicates the important details of a formal funeral or memorial service, survivor information, and biographical information. ObituaryShare.com allows families to convey a meaningful tribute to the life of their loved one as a lasting remembrance in celebration of a life well-lived. We believe that your loved one’s obituary is meant to be shared with others who care.

ObituaryShare.com was founded as an affordable solution to the rising costs of newspaper obituaries and decreasing newspaper circulation. Through multiple social media platforms, coupled with geographical and biographical targeting, we are able to reach a larger and more accurate audience. We make it easy for families and funeral directors to share the news and life stories of a loved one.

ObituaryShare.com is the most easily accessible daily resource for online obituaries. Obituary searches can be customized to your geographic preferences to create your own personalized “obituary page.” Set your preferences HERE.

Our founders have more than 55 years of combined experience in newspaper publication, advertising, marketing, and digital sales, as well as several years’ experience in radio and television advertising and digital sales. We have developed ObituaryShare.com in response to the concerns and complaints from many obituary customers and readers, and with the advice of several respected funeral directors. Our offices are located in the heart of the United States, Wichita, Kansas.

Beth Heatherly
Beth Heatherly
President of ObituaryShare.com
Growing up in Jackson, Tennessee, Beth Heatherly attended college at Jackson State Community College, Memphis State University (now University of Memphis), Lambuth College (now University of Memphis - Lambuth), and
Roy Heatherly
Roy Heatherly
Secretary - Treasurer
Roy Heatherly has 39 years of multimedia experience with expertise in advertising, marketing, and digital sales. Roy earned a B.S. degree in Journalism from the University of Kansas then began