Benefits Families Benefits Families

1.  The cost of placing an obituary ad in many newspapers costs families $250 – $3000 or more, depending on the newspaper and length of obituary. Our standard cost for an obituary is an affordable $169.95 including a photo, regardless of the length of the obituary. This cost can easily be added to your funeral home’s basic services or to your funeral packages.


2.  Because of the high cost of newspaper obituaries and sharply declining readership of newspapers in most markets, was conceived to provide lower cost, more effective distribution of obituaries through multiple social media platforms. Why wait until printed newspapers are extinct to replace them in order to offer your families an alternative?


3.  We realize that sharing an obituary is one of the most important parts of memorializing a loved one, as well as notifying friends and family of a death or funeral service. We do not believe the families should waste their money for ineffective and expensive newspaper distribution.


4.  We target the readers on social media who would most likely to be interested in reading the obituary. We use multiple social media marketing strategies to increase the number of people reached. As a result, we are able to reach more of the right people who need and want to read the obituary than you or the family would be able to reach by simply posting on Facebook yourselves. Remember that Facebook posts by individuals are only seen by a fraction of the individual’s friends.


5.  We currently distribute each obituary on Facebook, Instagram, and Google+, however, the obituaries are shareable through email, text, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and almost any other social media platform. Because of our unique and highly effective combination of using social media with digital marketing strategies, takes the stress out of sharing difficult news because we proactively push the obituary out to readers.


6.  More than 80 percent of Americans now possessing a social media profile (The Statistics Portal at Many adults in the United States no longer subscribe to or read their local newspapers. can reach the friends and family of a loved one in a more timely manner than printed publications due to decreasing newspaper circulation, print deadlines, limited publication days, and decreased access. Your families expect to share the obituary on social media and will appreciate the extra push to reach a more targeted and engaged audience that is more likely to know them and the deceased family member.


7.  Every obituary is published and archived on and may be accessed at any time, free of charge for anyone to search, view and share. Many newspapers include access to their obituaries in their paywall and require a subscription to view. If an obituary is archived through the newspaper’s website, many newspapers are charging a fee for the reader to access the obituary for a limited time (24 hours). We will never charge a fee for accessing an obituary.


Our mission is to provide families with a better alternative to newspapers as well as benefitting the funeral home. Families want a less expensive, more effective alternative. Why wouldn’t you offer them as that alternative?