creates many benefits to funeral homes creates many benefits to funeral homes:

1.  Funeral Directors (Users) register only once. There is NO CHARGE for membership, set-up fees or registering. There are no minimum/maximum usage requirements and no annual or other fees.


2.  If you do not currently have a Facebook, Instagram, or Google+ accounts, we will build them for you at NO CHARGE.


3.  It is easy to use. Our website makes it easy to upload an obituary. It is a similar process that you probably have used for uploading to other services – but easier! Simply copy and paste the obituary and upload the photo, then proof and pay by debit or credit card. We use Stripe to process our credit/debit card processing. “Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business. We handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.” ( There is no need to re-enter your payment information each time you upload an obituary.


4.  Since we do not limit the length of the obituary, there is no back-and-forth hassle with the family to edit the obituary, nor is there a print deadline.


5.  The funeral home keeps $20 of the cost of the obituary and we also donate $5 from each obituary to the funeral home’s state organization. Our standard price to the family is an affordable $169.95 (your card is charged $149.95), however, if you include the cost of the obituary in your basic services package, your potential revenue could be even higher.


6.  By reducing the cost of the obituary to the family, the funeral home may then use that savings to offer other goods or services.


7. does not sell flowers, caskets, or anything else on our website. We do not compete with your ability to sell these goods or any other services. In fact, because we redirect traffic and inquiries to your website and social media pages, we help increase your business in those areas.


8.  We also direct all comments, condolences, and guest book signing to the funeral director’s website or social media pages so that the funeral director may benefit from those opportunities. This will increase internet traffic to your website and to your social media pages.


9.  Your funeral home is promoted in multiple ways on each obituary which creates numerous branding and advertising impressions. Each obituary we post is branded with your funeral home links to your website and social media pages in several places, as well as on the permanently archived obituary on our website.


10.  By cross-posting obituaries to Google+, we help improve your SEO (moving to the top of web searches). Those posts are weighted more heavily in determining placement on searches than other posts. We want your funeral home to stand out and move up in web searches.


11.  Although we manage the obituary posts through your social media pages in order to give YOU the increase in your own social media analytics, we do NOT take over the management of your social media pages. You still retain control over all of your social media. However, because of what we do with each obituary, your need for any other social media management will probably decrease. Remember that your business Facebook posts are only seen by 6-10% of your followers. Let us help you reach many more people.


12.  We use our expertise in social media management, digital and print advertising, newspaper advertising and publication to improve your social media analytics, your SEO, and your brand exposure. We have over 50 years combined digital, print, and social media experience. You will discover that you need less advertising and social media management costs. Let us use our experience to help your business at no cost to you.


Remember, it never costs the funeral home anything for any of our services and there is only a one-time charge for the family.


For more information, visit our website at or call us toll-free at (877)385-6248.