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Welcome to ObituaryShare.com

ObituaryShare.com is proud to help families share their loved one’s obituary with friends and family members in an easy, stress-free, and highly effective way. Our mission is to alleviate the overwhelming burden of some funeral costs and to provide funeral directors with a more modern method of publicizing an obituary. ObituaryShare.com also serves as a valuable resource for daily online obituary listings and historical obituary archives.

ObituaryShare.com is an innovative obituary-sharing and archive solution for today’s obituaries.


Obituaryshare.com reaches more of the people you want to reach in the fastest, most effective way.


Obituaries on ObituaryShare.com cost a fraction of the cost of traditional newspaper obituaries.


Placing an obituary on ObituaryShare.com is easier than placing a newspaper obituary. Funeral directors simply upload the obituary and ObituaryShare.com does the work.


Obituaries on ObituaryShare.com are searchable (just like an obituary page!) every day from any device with multiple search terms at no cost to you and permanently archived on this site.

Why use ObituaryShare.com?


Because of our unique and highly effective combination of using social media with digital marketing, ObituaryShare.com takes the stress out of sharing difficult news. Learn more…

  • ObituaryShare.com is more affordable than traditional print obituaries.
  • ObituaryShare.com offers unlimited content length, and all obituaries cost the same regardless of the length of the obituary.
  • With more than 80 percent of Americans now possessing a social media profile (The Statistics Portal at statista.com), ObituaryShare.com can reach the friends and family of a loved one in a more timely manner than printed publications due to decreasing newspaper circulation, print deadlines, and decreased access.
  • By using multiple social media platforms, ObituaryShare.com can target specific audiences to maximize the effective reach of the obituary, and market and promote the obituary to increase the number of views. Our obituaries can be shared by anyone through social media, email, and mobile devices.
  • ObituaryShare.com allows views to find obituaries through multiple search terms, including name, city, and state.
  • Every obituary is archived on ObituaryShare.com and may be accessed at any time for free.

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Readers, Researchers, and Friends

The ease of using ObituaryShare.com’s website makes it an ideal tool for information and family research. Learn more…

  • Current obituaries are posted and published on ObituaryShare.com as soon as the funeral home releases them.
  • Obituaries will be permanently archived on ObituaryShare.com and may be accessed by anyone at no charge or subscription.
  • ObituaryShare.com’s obituaries are searchable through multiple search terms, including names of family members who are listed in the obituary.[Link here to go to set up preferences.]

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Funeral Directors

ObituaryShare.com is the solution you have been needing to best serve your clients to save money and share important obituary information. Learn more…

  • It is less time- and labor-intensive to create and upload the obituary from the funeral home to ObituaryShare.com than through newspaper-based obituary services. Because every obituary is the same price regardless of length, the funeral director does not have to go back and forth with the family to modify and edit the loved one’s obituary in order to make it affordable.
  • There is no deadline for submission of an obituary. After the funeral director submits the obituary to us, ObituaryShare.com takes care of the rest according to the timeline set by the family and funeral director.
  • There are no “print correction” issues. In the rare occurrence that a mistake is found after it the obituary is uploaded to ObituaryShare.com, it is quickly and easily corrected.
  • If your funeral home does not have social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus), ObituaryShare.com will set them up for you at no charge.
  • All ObituaryShare.com obituaries are linked back to the funeral home’s website, which increases traffic to the funeral home’s website.
  • By using Google Plus and other digital marketing strategies, ObituaryShare.com helps maximize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts for the funeral home.
  • Every obituary shared through ObituaryShare.com increases the funeral home’s exposure to thousands of people on social media at no cost to the funeral home. The funeral home will see increased social media presence because ObituaryShare.com uses the funeral home’s social media accounts to post and share.
  • At the end of each month, ObituaryShare.com will provide monthly reporting on distribution, audience, and engagement on all social media platforms to show you the effectiveness of your posts which we will review with you each month.
  • The funeral home will have a better ROI (Return on Investment) because of lower cost obituaries, lower advertising costs, and better exposure. Because of our marketing and promotional strategies at no charge to you, ObituaryShare.com reduces your need for other types of advertising.
  • The lower cost of obituaries on ObituaryShare.com compared to traditional print obituaries allows dollars budgeted by the family to be spent on other funeral items or services.
  • Funeral directors earn commission for each obituary placed on ObituaryShare.com.
  • For every obituary placed on ObituaryShare.com, a donation will be made to the funeral home’s state NFDA organization.

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