Fredrick Navran
02-18-1959 - 01-13-2019
Country: United States | State: Kansas

Fredrick Navran, 59, of Overland Park, Kansas passed away on January 13th, 2019, at home in the loving company of family.

Fredrick William Navran, or Fred as he was lovingly known, was a simple and deliberate man, devoted husband and giving father. He harbored a love for the outdoors as mountainous and soaring as the Colorado Rockies themselves, and he felt most alive when surrounded by aspen trees, wildflowers and snow-capped peaks. Fred didn’t let his home state’s horizontal landscape keep him from enjoying the spoils of nature. His ideal summer day started with a long-winded bike ride alongside his beloved wife Janice, followed by iced coffees on the Starbucks patio. Afterwards, he adored methodically mowing parallel lines across his lawn and the smell of freshly cut grass, and finally ending the day sipping an ice-cold beer, drumming his fingers to the rousing refrains Bruce Springsteen and John Denver.

In the rare moments his time wasn’t devoted to family or clients, Fred loved churning his own ice cream and baking his own bread, walking his best friend Aei Jei and ending everyday lost in a good book. Fred was eternally devoted to his children, and was emphatic in his unconditional love for his wife.

Our dear Fred was born on February 18th, 1959 in Kansas City, Missouri, to Roger and Roseanne Navran. He graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. Before going in to business for himself, Fred accepted a fateful position at Mayer Hoffman McCann P.C., where he met the love of his life. Fred and Janice Navran were married on March 10th, 1989, and started their family soon after. Fred was preceded in death by his mother, Roseanne Navran and is survived by his treasured wife Janice, and four children, Alexander William, Anna Elizabeth, Abigail Rose and Aei Jei, the furriest and youngest member of the Navran family.

Visitation will be held at Johnson County Funeral Chapel & Memorial Gardens in Overland Park, Kansas on Wednesday, January 23rd at 1 p.m. His memorial service will begin at 2 p.m., at Johnson County Funeral Chapel, 11200 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66210.It will be led by Chaplain Paul Garrison of Kansas City Hospice, who had the privilege of spending time with Fred in his final days.

Out of love for his canine best friend, and the cruel and unforgiving nature of the disease which took his life, Fred requested that donations be made to Wayside Waifs and the Sarcoma Foundation of America in lieu of flowers. Out of his love of life and characteristic selflessness, Fred requested for all those who attend this service to celebrate and share stories about his rich life, rather than mourn the void left by his absence.

In lieu of flowers and memorial contributions, Fred requested that donations be made to the Sarcoma Foundation of America or Wayside Waifs.

Sarcoma Foundation of America:


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