Kiven M. Maquial
07-12-2001 - 05-05-2020
Country: United States | State: Kansas | City: Prairie Village

Kiven Michel Maquial left this world, as we know, way too soon. He was a gentle-spirited young man with so much love to offer.

Kiven had many talents and skills he learned throughout his life including playing the trumpet, bodybuilding, origami, master of video games, swimming, basketball, and even football.

He was a loyal, loving son. A protective, nurturing big brother. And a silly, carefree classmate and coworker.

Kiven was born in the Bronx, NY where he witnessed the beauty of life in its rawest form at a very young age. Kiven was the son of two Mexican immigrants Ita & Luis, who immersed him into the loving and emotional culture of Mexican Americans.

By the time Kiven was 8, his mother was getting remarried and moved to Kansas. It was culture shock at first. But being the brave boy he was, Kiven didn’t skip a beat and did what was natural to him and made friends.

Ita was working on receiving her citizenship, so this meant traveling back to Mexico for an unknown amount of time. Kiven was quick to be there for his mother and accompany her along the journey.

Kiven returned from Mexico and continued his life as most young boys do. Summers at the pool, playing his X-box, and working on arts and crafts. Kiven had a special talent for folding detailed origami. When he found something he liked, he was super focused and was able to make it happen. If Kiven was not interested in something, his stubborn personality would show, making it nearly impossible to persuade him.

High school life was a bit more challenging for Kiven, but he kept pushing and enjoyed his time at school. He kept busy with marching and jazz band, swim team, and a couple years on the football team.

Kiven had a great time working at local restaurants. He reaped his benefits as a fry cook and ate fried chicken as much as he could. May he grow his wings and fly to the heavens.

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