The Death of the Newspaper Obituary: How Facebook is Transforming the Funeral Service

In today’s digital age, the way we commemorate the lives of our loved ones has undergone a significant transformation. Traditionally, obituaries published in newspapers were a staple means of announcing death and celebrating the life of the deceased. However, times have changed, and the relevance and value of printing obituaries in newspapers have greatly diminished for the average family. In this blog post, we’ll explore why newspaper obituaries are no longer as effective as they once were and why online alternatives, like promoting obituaries on Facebook, have become the new norm.


The Evolution of Obituaries


The Newspaper Era

For generations, newspapers were the primary source of information for communities. Families would turn to these publications to announce the passing of a loved one and share the details of memorial services and funeral arrangements. However, as we move deeper into the digital age, the landscape of how we consume information has drastically changed.

The Digital Age

With the rise of the internet and social media, people now seek and share information differently. We live in an era of instant communication, where news travels at the speed of light. It’s no surprise that obituaries have also found a new home online.



The Decline of Newspaper Obituaries


Reduced Circulation

Many newspapers are no longer being delivered door-to-door as they once were. Instead, they are often mailed or purchased at newsstands. This reduced circulation means fewer people are exposed to the obituaries published within them.

Less Frequent Printing

With newspapers cutting costs and reducing print frequency, obituaries may not appear in a timely manner. Families are left waiting for days to see their loved one’s obituary published.

High Costs

Newspapers often charge exorbitant fees for publishing obituaries. On average, it can cost between $400 and $600 just to place a death announcement. This financial burden is becoming increasingly impractical for families.

Limited Visibility

Even when obituaries are published in newspapers, they may not receive the visibility they once did. With a shrinking readership, your family and friends may not even see the announcement.

Delayed Information

In the digital age, we expect information to be readily available at our fingertips. Unfortunately, newspapers cannot provide this immediacy. Often, individuals only find out about a loved one’s passing after the funeral or not at all.

Paywalls and Subscriptions

While some newspapers publish obituaries online, they often hide them behind paywalls or require subscriptions. This means that unless you subscribe to that specific newspaper, you may never know about the passing of a friend or family member.



Embracing the Digital Alternative: Facebook Obituaries


Wider Reach

Facebook allows you to reach a much broader audience than a local newspaper ever could. With billions of users worldwide, your loved one’s obituary can be seen by friends, family, and acquaintances from around the globe.

Immediate Sharing

With just a few clicks, friends and family can share the obituary on their own Facebook profiles, ensuring that the news spreads quickly and efficiently.


Promoting obituaries on Facebook is often more cost-effective than placing them in newspapers. It allows families to allocate their resources more wisely during challenging times.

Ongoing Tribute

Unlike newspapers, Facebook provides a lasting digital tribute to the deceased. Friends and family can leave comments, share memories, and offer support, creating a more enduring memorial.

Real-Time Updates

With Facebook, you can provide real-time updates on funeral arrangements, allowing friends and family to stay informed and make plans accordingly.


Facebook is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, eliminating the issue of paywalls and subscriptions.



How Promoting Obituaries on Facebook Benefits Funeral Homes


Increased Website Traffic

By promoting obituaries on Facebook and linking them back to their websites, funeral homes can significantly boost their online visibility. This increased traffic can lead to greater market share and more opportunities to upsell services, such as preneed planning.

Enhanced Reputation

Funeral homes that embrace digital alternatives demonstrate their commitment to serving families in a modern and efficient way. This can enhance their reputation and trustworthiness within their communities.

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